About Sarah

Sarah DaSilva is the mastermind behind SuperPowered Web. In addition to being a designer and business owner; she is also a military wife and a mother of two humans and two canines; an avid weightlifter, a not-so-avid gardener, and an occasional vanquisher of evil on various gaming platforms. How does she juggle all of these things while looking this fabulous? Superpowers. And a lot of coffee and pre-workout.

Although she has been an artist since she was big enough to hold a crayon (without eating most of it), Sarah didn’t get started in design right after high school. Like many of us, it took her awhile to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up. So, she spent some time as a pre-Med student and then working odd jobs such as dog grooming, landscaping, as a legal secretary, and serving briefly in the military. Finally she returned to her roots–her creativity, and attended Carroll Community College in 2005.

After graduating with Honors holding two Associate’s Degrees in Graphic Design and Web Design, she began working as a Graphic Artist and Digitizer for Lion Brothers Company. She also began taking freelance web and graphic design clients part-time. In 2011, after the first of what would become many moves thanks to the military, she began working remotely full-time for great agencies such as Go MontessoriSJ Weeks Designs, and Pressed Branding. In 2015, she relocated to Honolulu, HI where she currently resides with her family.

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