• Fit Club

    It’s no secret that I love picking up heavy objects and putting them down, almost as much as I love helping new business hit the ground running. So when Tina Schultz of Fit Club, LLC contracted me to develop her brand identity, and design and build her website, I strapped on my lifting gloves and… Continue Reading »
  • The Fayetteville Doulas

    I am so honored to have been working with Melissa of The Fayetteville Doulas since her humble beginnings as a one-woman show providing doula services and placenta encapsulation in Fayetteville under the name of Cruz Doula Services. After a ton of growth, creating a new name and a new brand, Melissa’s “little” business has become… Continue Reading »
  • Connolly Counseling & Assessment

    The Problem Dr. Bob Connolly is not an ordinary psychologist. He is a straight-talking, energetic, passionate, and humorous guy who deeply cares about connecting with his patients. His previous website did not reflect this at all. Although it was not poorly designed, it looked like every other psychologist’s website out there – all white and… Continue Reading »
  • OmNomNomelettes

    The only thing I love more than design is food. So designing a food business website? YES. I had SUCH. A. BLAST. working on the logo and website design for OmNomNomelettes. As a foodie and a loyal patron of local farmers’ markets, working to discover the brand identity that business partners Ben Edelman and Chef Kevin… Continue Reading »
  • The Widgins Co logo thumbnail

    The Widgins Co

    When fellow WordPress developer Darrin Boutote needed a logo for his new project, The Widgins Co., he turned to SuperPowered Web. He had a solid idea for the logo, but needed some help fleshing it out. The idea was a whimsical cog that would become both logo and part of the future illustrations on the… Continue Reading »
  • Asana Doula Services thumbnail

    Asana Doula Services

    After seeing our other logo design work, Fayetteville, NC doula Jenn Gladish hired me to design her logo for her new doula business, Asana Doula Services. As a former yoga instructor, she wanted a logo that would marry her love of yoga with her birth work. Indeed, the word “asana” basically means the position in… Continue Reading »
  • Nextage thumbnail


    When Iain Miller, Owner of Nextage, LLC was ready to launch his business, he knew to turn to SuperPowered Web for this website and branding needs. I left the rocket science up to him, and he left the creativity up to me. Starting with the logo, we went with something simple and straightforward. The font… Continue Reading »
  • Cruz Doula Services thumbnail

    Cruz Doula Services

    SuperPowered Web first worked on Cruz Doula Services’ logo for Melissa Cruz way back in 2014. The original concept was a pretty token “doula” logo. Silhouette of a mom, a baby, etc, etc. After re-branding her business, Melissa came back to us for a new logo. This time, she wanted a more updated look that… Continue Reading »