• Molly Winkle Real Estate

    Simply put, Molly Winkle’s Real Estate website is gorgeous. Using soft greys and blues reminiscent of the ocean, scenes of the San Diego skyline and various landmarks, and a clean, high-end look, it is the perfect way to showcase her business. As a brochure site rather than a listing site, it is the perfect way… Continue Reading »
  • Justine E. Laurie, CPA

    I have been working with Justine Laurie on her business website since 2013. In late 2015 she underwent a re-branding to more effectively target her niche market of restaurants and other food-service businesses. Collaborating with Pressed Branding, I created a hand-lettered logo reminiscent of classic restaurant and bar logos, but still clean and modern enough… Continue Reading »
  • Ruckabye Baby thumbnail

    Ruckabye Baby

    I was a founding board member of Ruckabye Baby, so as a parent and a military spouse, this project was very near and dear to me. In addition to the website design, I also created the logo, branding, and much of the print products and merchandising. In late 2015/early 2016 Ruckabye Baby underwent a small… Continue Reading »