• Fit Club

    It’s no secret that I love picking up heavy objects and putting them down, almost as much as I love helping new business hit the ground running. So when Tina Schultz of Fit Club, LLC contracted me to develop her brand identity, and design and build her website, I strapped on my lifting gloves and… Continue Reading »
  • The Fayetteville Doulas

    I am so honored to have been working with Melissa of The Fayetteville Doulas since her humble beginnings as a one-woman show providing doula services and placenta encapsulation in Fayetteville under the name of Cruz Doula Services. After a ton of growth, creating a new name and a new brand, Melissa’s “little” business has become… Continue Reading »
  • Ruckabye Baby thumbnail

    Ruckabye Baby

    I was a founding board member of Ruckabye Baby, so as a parent and a military spouse, this project was very near and dear to me. In addition to the website design, I also created the logo, branding, and much of the print products and merchandising. In late 2015/early 2016 Ruckabye Baby underwent a small… Continue Reading »