• Pressed Branding

    I met Ashley Thompson with Pressed Branding in spring 2014 (when the business was still Smash Creative) through a mutual friend-and-client, Justine Laurie. It was like the stars aligned and we hit it off immediately. I began working for her soon after, and not long after that Smash Creative became Pressed Branding. Ashley tasked me… Continue Reading »
  • Fayetteville Gold & Diamond

    Fayettville Gold & Diamond was another simple, yet challenging, design concept. The client wanted a high-end, one page site that would separate them from their competition and also let people know that they are not one of the myriad other simple pawn shops around town. We used a combination of ready-made stock photos and vectors… Continue Reading »
  • Ruckabye Baby thumbnail

    Ruckabye Baby

    I was a founding board member of Ruckabye Baby, so as a parent and a military spouse, this project was very near and dear to me. In addition to the website design, I also created the logo, branding, and much of the print products and merchandising. In late 2015/early 2016 Ruckabye Baby underwent a small… Continue Reading »