Fit Club

It’s no secret that I love picking up heavy objects and putting them down, almost as much as I love helping new business hit the ground running. So when Tina Schultz of Fit Club, LLC contracted me to develop her brand identity, and design and build her website, I strapped on my lifting gloves and got to work. Ok, I didn’t really strap on lifting gloves, those are hard to type in. But we did get to work! Tina had a fantastic vision for how she wanted to present her company as a haven for empowerment for her clients, and that fitness was an ever-evolving journey. I created her logo to convey this sense of power and energy, which also uses the infinity symbol to show a journey without end. The power is continuous; feeding on itself, and ever-improving. Her website is a clean, easy-to-navigate WordPress portal for her clients to view fitness schedules and logon to her interactive system with MindBody.

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