Justine Laurie branding mockup

Justine E. Laurie, CPA

Firm Worked For: Pressed Branding

I have been working with Justine Laurie on her business website since 2013. In late 2015 she underwent a re-branding to more effectively target her niche market of restaurants and other food-service businesses. Collaborating with Pressed Branding, I created a hand-lettered logo reminiscent of classic restaurant and bar logos, but still clean and modern enough to represent a tech-savvy CPA such as Justine. A rich, chocolate brown was added to her visual identity to give it strength and contrast. In 2018, after a move and a change in direction and target clientele, Justine chose to do another “mini re-branding” so we gave her site a facelift. We ditched the restaurant imagery in order for her to better target a wider range of small businesses. We also toned down some of the typography to a font face that was a little more approachable and timeless. Lastly we added more photos of Justine and her family to bring a more personal feel to the website.

Visit Live Site: http://justineelauriecpa.com/