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When Iain Miller, Owner of Nextage, LLC was ready to launch his business, he knew to turn to SuperPowered Web for this website and branding needs. I left the rocket science up to him, and he left the creativity up to me.

Starting with the logo, we went with something simple and straightforward. The font face is very clean and futuristic. The sweeping brace of the “x” forms am orbit around the logo, informing viewers immediately of Nextage’s relationship with the space industry. Navy blue and contrasting orange were chosen as the brand colors as they are both professional and immediately remind the viewer of the colors of space and rocket afterburners. I also came up with the tagline – “The Nextage of electrical and systems engineering.”

I took the website to another level with my first ever video background. Videos should amplify a site’s content and never take away from it, and this short clip of the launch of New Horizons (which Iain was involved with) does just that. In keeping with modern accessibility practices, the video autoplays but the audio does not. The user has the option to start and stop both with the click of a button. Finally, I laid out Nextage’s Services and past Projects in a way that is pleasing to the eye and easy for the user to navigate.

I showed Iain a few business card designs so that he could print an entire set, each with slightly different designs, to use for the proper contacts. A fun card tagline, “Actually it is rocket science” complements the set and humanizes the entire feel of the brand.

The entire package is a great start for Nextage and provides Iain a great way to network and present his business, and his ideas, to all future clients and colleagues alike.

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