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The only thing I love more than design is food. So designing a food business website? YES. I had SUCH. A. BLAST. working on the logo and website design for OmNomNomelettes. As a foodie and a loyal patron of local farmers’ markets, working to discover the brand identity that business partners Ben Edelman and Chef Kevin Olmstead had envisioned was like fitting a hand to a glove.

If you run a food business, you know that your customers need to know 3 things. 1. Where you’re located. 2. What you serve. 3. How DELICIOUS the food is.

We accomplished these three goals quite simply, and beautifully, by showcasing the business location, menu, and bright, scumptious photos all on the main home page. Delving further into the site provides even more menu items and more insight into the food business built by Kevin and Ben. But at the end of the day the responsive website allows Farmers Market patrons to easily find out where OmNomNomelettes is located and what they’re serving – directly from their smartphone while they’re already shopping.

On the technical side, OmNomNomelettes is as seamless to use as it is inviting to view. Running a food business is hard work, without a lot of free time. So we used Advanced Custom Fields to provide an easy interface for Ben or Kevin to use when they need to update the menu on the fly.  Or,  if they find themselves just too bogged down with ingredient prep or daily business, they can utilize the content updating time included in their Website Care package. Finally, the Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon  provides a big, beautiful, dynamic Instagram feed for Kevin to post all of his #foodporn photos directly from the market.

Recipe for a great food business website: Mix one part whimsy, one part deliciousness, add a little illustration of a happy little guy called “Eggbert,” et voilà! You get a fun, informative little brochure site for an exciting new artisan brunch stand in Ithaca.

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