The Widgins Co logo mockup The Widgins Co logo color palette

The Widgins Co

When fellow WordPress developer Darrin Boutote needed a logo for his new project, The Widgins Co., he turned to SuperPowered Web. He had a solid idea for the logo, but needed some help fleshing it out. The idea was a whimsical cog that would become both logo and part of the future illustrations on the website. He wanted whimsy without cute, “Thneed Factory” meets “Willy Wonka.” The circular cog shape very quickly became a stamp-style logo, with an ever-so-slightly distressed effect on the text. The inner “W” is reminiscent of planks and springs and all things factory-ish. Finally, a rainbow palette of vintage candy-colored deliciousness which will allow for some really fun guerilla marketing opportunities in the form of stickers and patches.