One Account to Rule Them All (Keeping Organized Part 3)

Forwarding Other Email Accounts to Gmail

Screencast 1: One Account to Rule Them All

View the screencast below to learn how I forward mail from all of my other accounts into my main Gmail account, effectively turning Gmail into a web-based email client that syncs effortlessly with my other Google Apps and mobile devices. Written instructions with links are located below the video.

Written Instructions

Settings menu under the Gear in the upper right corner
Settings menu under the Gear in the upper right corner

Step 1: Add Your Account for Responding to Emails

  1. Log into your Gmail Account
  2. Click the Gear in the upper right corner for Settings.
  3. Under the Accounts and Import tab,  in the Send Mail As section, click “Add another email address you own.”

    Accounts & Import Tab
    Accounts & Import Tab
  4. A dialog box pops up where you enter your name and the email address you would like to add. Note: Unchecking “Treat as an alias” changes the behavior of your inbox for this account. Click here to read the Google support article on the difference.
  5. Enter your SMTP server information for the email address. You can get this from your email provider or hosting company. Many times it will be under instructions for setting up an email client. If you are using Bluehost as your host, after you set up the email address in Bluehost, under the Email Accounts manager, click the “More” menu beside the desired email address and then click “Configure Email Client.” This will provide the necessary SMTP information. Just be sure to use the correct username, unlike I did in the screencast…
  6. Google will send a confirmation email account to the address that you’re adding. Access your email and follow the email instructions to confirm it.
  7. Choose your reply address under “When replying to a message:”

Step 2: Forward All Emails from the Account to Google

Bluehost's Email Forwarder Screen
Bluehost’s Email Forwarder Screen
  1. Log in to the email account or hosting account for forwarding.
  2. Bluehost: Under Email Manager, click on Forwarding. Then click “Add an Email Forwarder.” Others: You’ll have to use your email or hosting account’s instructions on how to set up a forward. If you’re having trouble, feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to help. If you want to submit instructions for your host, I would be glad to add them to this blog post!
  3. Bluehost: Select the address you want to forward and enter the Gmail address to forward it to. Click Submit.

Done! It’s that easy!

NOTE: There is alternative way besides forwarding to have Gmail “fetch” your email from your other account using POP3. Some people prefer this method because they’ve had trouble with Gmail blocking emails or emails not getting forwarded but I’ve never had any trouble. I don’t use POP3 because Gmail only fetches the email at certain times of day or you have to manually tell it to do so. Since I need emails immediately in the event that a website goes down, I prefer to use forwarding. However, if you have a bunch of old emails that you want brought into your Gmail account, you must use POP3 to do so, otherwise you’ll have to forward them manually. Take a look at the support article here to learn how to set that up.

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